We are equipped to serve you with our fleet of safe, dependable, and comfortable charter motor coaches.  Our charter representatives are knowledgeable and will help you plan your charter bus trip giving you suggestions and will provide you with a detailed document of the services we will provide.

Your safety is always our top priority.  Your driver meets and exceeds all the government requirements made by the Department of Transportation.  Each one meets the specialized training requirements issued by the International Motorcoach Group.  Your driver has been trained and retrained to provide you with safe, dependable transportation.

What is important to you when you contract for charter motor coach service?  I'll bet the first thing that comes to your mind is price.  Price is important, but what makes the cheapest carrier cheap while others are more expensive?  Do some homework as you consider bids from various companies and don't choose based simply on price.


Here are some things to consider:

  • What is the company's safety record? Click here and enter our USDOT# "66066" for Mid-American's safety ratings as measured by the US Department of Transportation.  Search other bus company safety records while you are there.  If you have questions about what you see, call us.

  • To what standards are the company's motor coaches maintained?  We invite you to come to our maintenance facility, see our motor coaches, talk to our director of maintenance, and see for yourself what we do to insure that the coach you ride on is safe, dependable, and comfortable.  Modern coaches have a long life and general presentation, cleanliness, and mechanical condition may be more important than actual age.

  • What about the driver?  The US Department of Transportation sets standards for motor coach operators to meet.  They must be physically able to do the job, drug free, have working knowledge of the motor coach, maintain a good driving record, and of course have a valid operating license.  Your Mid-American driver is regularly examined to insure he/she meets all the requirements.  But your Mid-American driver receives training beyond standards set by the government to insure you are treated with respect and courtesy.  Your driver has studied the route and can suggest rest stops and answer other questions that come up.  Your driver is well groomed and in uniform.  He/she is qualified to deliver the service you expect.

  • ADA wheel chair lift equipped buses are available on request.

When the company's price is cheap (significantly lower than others), it many times means they do not meet the standard in one or more of these areas.  Shop wisely.